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Dear Parent,

Dr. L’s Corner is dedicated to my belief that today’s parent is hungry for the science of parenting. In this day and age where unchecked information is rampant, our generation of parents faces a far different problem than the generation before us. In the past, when access to information was far more limited, the primary question was ‘How do I find the latest information on parenting?’ Today, deciding which information from the vast overload of information at our fingertips is accurate, relevant, and useful is the primary task. Technology today allows us access to incredible amounts of information. Unfortunately, there is no regulating body. While this may not matter in the areas of fashion and celebrity gossip, in the area of mental health for both ourselves and our children, I believe, it does. When it comes to physical health, there are many governing and regulating bodies. For example, the FDA closely regulates the safety and quality of the medicines we use. The American Academy of Pediatrics sets forth guidelines for pediatricians based on the most up-to-date knowledge available. The medical treatments we use for ourselves and our children are being checked for quality and are based on the latest science. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said in the area of mental health. While clinical psychology is a science, a science that has developed treatments, at times, more effective than medications, this science is often left sitting in journals, out-of-reach of the parents that need it. Popular psychology, easily accessed on the internet, very rarely resembles the science that exists. I believe that today’s parent is hungry for this science. While every parent knows that parenting is an art, today’s parent knows that it is an art best informed by science. It is this belief that underlies my goal as a child, adolescent, and family psychologist to give you access to this knowledge. It is my goal as a mother who understands the demands of parenting to bring this information to you in a form that is accurate and useful. I call this ‘information parenting’. I believe that most parents are doing the best that they can and that with access to the most current scientific information that exists on parenting, parents will be better equipped to practice this art that we call parenting.

All the information on this website can be found in two different libraries: the Article Digest Library and the Discussion Library. The information in both libraries is different so please explore both libraries. Within each library, information is organized into six categories: Affect Regulation, Attachment, Discipline, Immediate Gratification, Resiliency, Temperament. (To read a quick description of each of these terms, click Brief Description of Terms.) In addition, my answers to questions I have received from parents can be found in Dr. L's Couch.

Feel free to contact  me with YOUR questions and I will post my answers in the Dr. L’s Couch section of this website.

Enjoy the website and use it to become the best parent you can be.

Laura Alfonso PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


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